Are you getting bored in bed? Change it!

Although you love your partner and you wouldn’t change him for anything in this world, times when you were literally tearing each other’s clothes off are long gone. In the middle of the whirl of duties and stereotype the nights full of love changed into two not-so-much-romantic quickies in a month. What should you do in order to lure passion back into your bed?


At first sight this idea can appear to be a cheap one, yet there is nothing romantic about arranging a date while filling the washing machine or changing the bulb in the bathroom. Nevertheless, if you arrange it via SMS during your working hours, or you send your partner a hot mail, the situation immediately changes. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a date does not mean sitting on the couch and watching Pretty Woman. Date means sexy underwear, night make-up and a special program. On top of that we highly recommend you a small exciting surprise. Try visiting some restaurant or going to the cinema and taking with you a vibrating egg (this one ist just THE BEST)! This discreet helper hidden in woman’s lap together with a remote control in the hands of young man will ensure you a really exceptional date! You can also try this set.

Throw Your Restraints Away

If you have just tuned up to your Big Day, you should fully enjoy it. Have a fantastic foreplay, change sexual positions, try new techniques. Don’t be afraid to surprise your partner with a first class erotic massage. For this purpose prepare body oil, dim the lights and with slow circular movements pay attention to individual parts of their body. Watch closely your partner’s reactions and in places, where they show a particular delight, spend more time massaging. Alternatively, you can use for your foreplay some interesting tools, such as a bondage set or a soft feather tickler.  

Be Creative

With time if you stop being creative, even the best sex becomes ordinary. Do you remember those wild quickies on kitchen counter or in a car parked near the forest? Try them again. If you are not excited about this idea anymore, go for a change. Has your partner experienced a sex with a nurse? Or with a housekeeper? Would he like to? No need to send him directly to your neighbours’ house. Get yourself a sexy costume that will fulfill his most secret desires and surprise him when he comes back from work. Don’t be afraid and just be slightly perverse, provocative and brave!


Trying new things in sex is crucial, yet only thanks to new ideas your sexual plays will not become ordinary. Sexual toys will be your ideal helpers. Not only are they piquing one’s curiosity and offering pleasure, they have a whole range of other advantages, such as improving sexual performance, having a positive effect on one’s health. They even can be remote-controlled to satisfy your needs. Try cock ring that will prolong your intimate moments. Or you can buy one with prostate massaging function. Not only will your partner experience an extraordinary orgasm, but a regular prostate massage will ensure its well-being. Nowadays, sexual toys are no longer tabu and their usage brings into relationships more confidence, sexual excitement and joy from mutual moments.