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Are you getting bored in bed? Change it!

Although you love your partner and you wouldn’t change him for anything in this world, times when you were literally tearing each other’s clothes off are long gone. In the middle of the whirl of duties and stereotype the nights full of love changed into two not-so-much-romantic quickies in a month. What should you do in order to lure passion back into your bed?

How to perfectly satisfy a woman?

A passionate and inspiring sex is not a myth. Even rumours of a multiple woman orgasm are based on true stories. Don’t you believe? Just try some of our following hot tips on how to achieve it. Or you know what? Try all of them!

Five guaranteed tips on how to become an unforgettable lover

Finally! Your dream has come true and you have a perfect man in your bed. He will do anything you are wishing for and he is fulfilling your most secret desires. Nevertheless, he is expecting the same from you. You need to be ready, no improvisation is allowed! The following five recommendations will ensure you the title of sex queen.