How to perfectly satisfy a woman?

A passionate and inspiring sex is not a myth. Even rumours of a multiple woman orgasm are based on true stories. Don’t you believe? Just try some of our following hot tips on how to achieve it. Or you know what? Try all of them!

First of all - Atmosphere

Women love romance. There is no better way how to start a passionate night than with a carefully prepared atmosphere of an erotic movie. Soft light, nice music, both of you naked, you begin to touch and kiss... and now is the right time to introduce into your play a little bit of mysteriousness. Bind your partner’s eyes with a blindfold and her hands put over her head. With her permission, you can even tie them gently. As soon as she is no longer able to see and touch, her senses will be whipped up to maximum. You can find blindfols here, but we recommend this Fifty Shades of Grey All Mine Deluxe Blackout Blindfold.

Vibrating egg

This small and discreet thing will be your ideal assistant in mutual sexual plays. It is designed so that you can enjoy your intimate moments even in restaurant or in the cinema. Vibrating egg will be discreetly hidden in your partner’s lap and the remote control in her hand will ensure the right amount of erotic sparks, that will become passion fire as soon as you reach the door of your home. Soft vibrations in her lap will maintain your partner hot and you can pay attention to other important parts of her body. Or you can take the remote control in your hands and take care of her pleasure moments. More degrees of vibrations will allow you to observe her reactions and it will be a foreplay she has never dreamed of before. You can check vibrating eggs here, but we are pretty sure, that your partner will love this one.


If your head in between her legs needs some break, get yourself a Womanizer. It is an irreplaceable helper and your partner will love it! While womanizer will take care of her clitoris, you can collect strength for next round. Trust me, this extra power comes in handy because after having been satisfied by womanizer your beloved will fulfil all your wishes. Check womanizer reviews if you dont believe. ;-)


Vibrator is part of love plays since time immemorial. It has been appearing in various forms and its functions have been changing as well. Your partner will appreciate the elaborate design of this vibrating helper. It will not only sensitively stimulate her passionate pussy but it will perfectly massage her clitoris as well. It is up to you, what will be your role in this little performance, but you will be in a fair way to experience with your partner a perfect multiple orgasm. Choose some from here, or take THE BEST.

Anal plug

In general, anal sex is considered to be a banned fruit and many couples are afraid of trying it. If you are lucky enough and you have in your bed by your side a less conservative partner, you have won a Jackpot. Women who overcame restraints and gave themselves over to this unique enjoyment understood, that it is a very intimate and arousing union. There exist many variations of anal-get-to-know-me, but you must bear in mind that for trying new techniques and postures you need a lot of lubrication. In particular, I recommend this for men gifted with larger penis. These may come across in their partner bottom some restrictions. Advanced level lovers can incorporate into their love plays a friend in form of an anal plug. Some women prefer vibrator, nevertheless there exist helpers that fulfil both criteria. Anyway, at the moment you fill both of her holes, she will be in seventh heaven! For start, you can try this one.