Five guaranteed tips on how to become an unforgettable lover

Finally! Your dream has come true and you have a perfect man in your bed. He will do anything you are wishing for and he is fulfilling your most secret desires. Nevertheless, he is expecting the same from you. You need to be ready, no improvisation is allowed! The following five recommendations will ensure you the title of sex queen.

Seductive Sexy Star

Large t-shirt and men underpants are not the most exciting outfit by far. Your man is expecting to find in his bed a provocative and somehow mysterious Amazonian! Let him uncover the secret you are hiding bellow your skirt. Just imagine how surprised he will be when that decent and gentle woman changes into a sexy beast? No doubt you can find a unique piece of underwear in your closet that he can appreciate on you. If not, hurry up shopping, here you can find sexy lingerie for special prices.

Wait a moment, darling!

Oh, yes. When Mr. Perfect will see your bosom dressed in sexy linen and nothing else, it will be done before you count to ten. You can’t rule your heart and even less can you rule the heart your man hides in his trousers. It’s high time that you reach under the pillow and look for a help of an assistant. Penis ring is nothing that your price has not see before and for sure he will be delighted if thanks to this little friend the passion will last longer. There exist a big variety of sizes, shapes and functions. The choice is up to you. A simple ring will reduce the blood circulation from penis and partner’s arousal will last longer.  One with vibration function will at the same time massage your clitoris. But we know of a ring that can simultaneously stimulate his most sensitive spot. But this is something we would talk more deeply in the next point... ☺ You can find various penis right here.

The Moment of Surprise

The man’s most sensitive spot is hidden in a very unexpected place. Although you may be surprised, and perhaps a little bit discouraged, but if you will “touch this chord” you will be his number one lover for the rest of his life. We will give it to you straight – it is in his bottom! Men’s G-spot, or P-spot in this case, has been named after prostate, which is located in this particular area. By massaging and stimulating this spot your man can reach an unforgettable orgasm. When your tongue touches the area between his anus and testicles, his reaction won’t take long to show up. And if he is far from being shy, you can make it even “harder”. Cast around for an Anal Plug together with a Lubricating Gel and perform your private Fifty Shades of Grey. It will be a night that will bring your together forever. Just check these P-spot vibrators and find the best for you.

Bloody Sexy Revealing

I suppose that after completing point 3, Mr. Perfect is totally in your power. In spite of this, the limits of pleasure can be moved further - everything is in your hands. Let him experience a triple pleasure! Delightful feelings from the prostate stimulation will be multiplied if you add a perineum massage and his penis will be lured into your sweet pussy. Do you think this is physically impossible? Get yourself a small help in form of a cock ring with anal plug and vibrations, which will open your path to explosive pleasure.

Bad, bad boy!

If you have had enjoyed all previous tips, our last one is only a cherry on the top. This one is designated for lovers who are very open, experienced and affectionate. We are talking about pegging. Few years ago this diversion was very widespread among lesbian couples. Today after having found P-spot, it is slowly, but very successfully, finding its place in heterosexual couples as well. It is an embodiment of equality and exciting fetishistic vulgarity. A woman that can brilliantly bring him to orgasm, is every man’s dream. With the help of strap-on it can be YOU!